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You can trust Planit to pull together all the essential ingredients for a sensational setting.

Each year our team is challenged to craft a new Supernova design with glamour, style and atmosphere. And in this, our 16th year, creating Splendour of the Orient will be no exception. Our talented designers will produce a mesmerizing fusion of oriental styles from Near to Far east, full of exquisite tones and mystical charm, creating serenity, harmony and balance. Bold enough to inspire, but subtle in approach, this well designed setting is suited to many of London's top events- from charity fundraisers and glamourous awards to special Christmas parties. 


We know how to party and there's nothing like a tailor made party

At Supernova, entertainment is carefully curated to compliment your party. If your guests are notorious dancers, we can find the perfect party band to keep the dance floor full. If your guests love to be in the limelight, we will source the most sumptuos photosets to provide them with a memento of their evening. Each act is handpicked by our experienced team for their quality, flair and reliability. 


Purpose-built to host London’s most complex winter events, awards and parties.  Supernova is the highest quality temporary structure, availing 2,500sqm of designed event space with state-of-the-art sound and lighting to give you all the tools you need to host your elaborate and significant event.  Passion, attention to detail and creative flair ensure that Supernova’s theatrical setting has the atmosphere to surpass all others. 

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